Sloppy Joes
Tag: [*SJ*] Fans: 13 Created: 2011-10-26

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We kill sloppy, so you dont have to...

1) Main Ideal...first and foremost, we are a clan who plays for fun, the love of the
game, and to hang out with fellow like-minded gamers. We strongly stand
behind the "Team before Self" mentality, in that personal stats don’t hold weight
without the "W".

2) Exit Buddies…please check and make sure you and others are squaded up.
Squads will be fluid depending on who is online at that time, but try to choose a
solid squad base to stick with in order to max overall effectiveness as a team.

3) Intel...when calling out known locations of insurgents, please be prepared with
complete and concise info i.e.; 3 story red house across from Alpha 2nd floor...or
2 story green barracks right next to Bravo bottom floor. Short and sweet...

4) Team killing...shot or run over, let the first one go. If someone persists to team
kill you, let us know. We will all get payback or leave the lobby. We don’t want
the reputation of being blatant team killers.

5) Base Rapes...we do not base rape. We are better than that. If the opposing
team chooses to leave the lobby, let it be for our domination of the field and not
the senseless slaughter of their deployment.

6) Inter Clan Speak...if you are confronted with a clan-bashing name-caller, we
ask that you do not lower yourself to retaliate in same manner. Notify me and I'll deal with it. This grants you plausible deniability and
less stress.

7) Well gents, that’s pretty much it besides working on our tactics and getting ready
for BF3. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to hit me up
anytime @ (405) 229-1564


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