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[][][]Clan: Strength of the Russian Spirit [sRs] [][][]

The founder: Senatorov (now inactive)
Platform: Playstation 3
Mode: Conquest (Normal)
Time Zone: UTC+4/MSK

Are currently active players: beeBullet, Doctorich, egor04300, Olga328, holodsar, dr_raen, Zz-SeRPeNT-zZ, deddim, Loki_RF, anya-volshebnica.

Arrange for a friendly match can be with beeBullet. We ready to play from 17.00 to 19.00 UTC time.

Come play on our BF3 servers. To search using a query: sRs
Вербовка: Ограничена. Recruitment: Limited.
P.S. Только для русскоязычных игроков/Only for Russian players.
По всем вопросам вступления обращаться к sRs-ANAN-AS (PSN: ANAN-AS)

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