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Revolutionizing the online FPS scene since 2001!

The Revolution is a FPS squad, and play on a strictly amateur basis. We've played many matches in the past years, some we lost, most we won. Over our more than 10 years of existence we have mainly played two FPS games, Delta Force 2 (DF2) and Joint Ops: Typhoon Rising (JOPS). Some other games we've also played as a squad but not competitively are Counterstrike: Source, Battlefield 1942 and CoD4 among others.

Here is an overview of our major achievements:

2011 JOPS SAW league : 1st place
2007 JOPS BattleZone League : 1st place
2007 JOPS RS Fun Tournament : 1st place
2007 JOPS TORSO2 AAS : 2nd place
2007 JOPS TORSO2 FB-KB : 1st place
2007 JOPS TORSO2 TDM : 1st place
2006 JOPS The Source Tournament TDM : 1st place
2006 JOPS The Source Tournament KB: 2nd place
2006 JOPS TORSO : 2nd place
2005 DF2 Blackflag League: 2nd place

Joint Ops match record: 144 matches, 9 losses.

We're a group of friends who have met in DF2 and JOPS. We value friendship, loyalty & teamwork above individual skill and oversized ego's. The greatest player in the world may not have what it takes to be part of The Revolution.

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