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Conflict Tournaments is an organized online tournament focused around the Battlefield franchise, but has always been open to other areas.

The community started with our own modification, Conflict 2142, for the game Battlefield 2142. We played eight memorable campaigns and have become a great and dedicated community through these four years. Bad Company 2 followed, and a one-campaign partnership for Battlefield 2142 with Forgotten Honor ended the Conflict 2142 Mod era.

An admin team with more than 15 years experience, veterans dedicating their time and nerves, and a huge community with ideas have made us what we are now:
A family and a home.

Clans and Non-clan members play side-by-side to get the most teamwork and fun out of each game we play.

Be a part of it... be a part of the legacy of Conflict, and join us in our new adventure with Battlefield 3!

Semper fi Conflict Tournaments
Semper fi Fun and Teamwork

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