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/// TBR NOTICE: Hi guys, if you find this chat on here slow or hard to get responses to, please join up for discussion at the Facebook group which gets visited daily, Thanks.


We are The Battlefield Rockers, a small Xbox 360 community that games together.

When a Platoon Leader is online, they will invite the first 7 people (totaling 8) into party chat.

See you on the Battlefield!

/// The History of [TBR]

A group of four friends used to game together on Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Without an official name nor tag, they rolled as [LAA].

Then as Battlefield 3's release date approached, a squad name was born. They became the Angels of Death. The squad enjoyed many more games within Bad Company 2 and remained just four members.

With the birth of Battlelog, so did the platoon of the Angels of Death. So, from 4 friends we grew to a platoon of 9. But the Angels of Death wasn't to last.

Researching the name, it became known that the name was already taken. The search for a new calling card started and after many suggestions and votes, The Battlefield Rockers were born!

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