Black Cat Clan
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Whilst we respect everybodys different gamestyles, our aim is run trouble free servers, we only want a enjoyable fair game for all players so we will not tolerate any player abuse.
We will not tolerate any noob talk or basic infantile talk.
We will further not tolerate fascist, rascist or homophobic insults.
Our admins have been instructed to warn then ban.

If you have trouble while playing at our server, please see a [BCC] member ingame, or visit our forum.

We are a gaming clan who now play HL2 deathmatch, Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4.

We are recruiting new clanmembers, so if you want to get involved in our clan,
contact us at: (Hit "FORUM" in the upper menu far right to access the forum!)

-->NEW MEMBERS: Please have a visit at the forum and make sure to register, as we have some informations for registered members only! ( (Hit "FORUM" in the upper menu far right to access the forum!)

Or by e-mail:




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