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Platoon Presentation

Are you a skilled pilot who knows how to fly the jets, if so join up with my squad !!!!

Welcome to 414 Jet Squad This platoon was created with 2 main goals in mind. The first is Team Play and the second is having fun as a team. Stats can be important but having fun with players that are respectful and don’t judge you on your stats or rank is very important to our squad. By having these two main goals in mind we will help to create better players who have fun and work hard to be the best. We offer great tips and tactic’s for new players and give veteran players a chance to pass on their skills to the lower ranking members. All leaders have earned their leadership roles by showing their team play, in game skill, stat improvement and class selection on the battlefield.

Platoon Requirements:

Positive attitude
Team player
Willingness to improve your over all stats
Post new idea’s and tactic’s on the Platoon feed
Most of all have fun while playing with your squad

As the founder of 414 Jet Squad , I understand that most players have created their own platoon or they may have joined others. Because of this you are not required to have the {414} tag on at all times only in platoon matches. All platoon matches will be posted on the platoon feed so don’t forget to check for match times and dates. If you choose to have the {414} tag on at all times it will help fellow members identify you in random games allowing you to join up and play as a team.

As members of 414 Jet Squad we ask that you keep active on the platoon page. Keeping active on the platoon feed will keep our platoon strong and show new members that we are active and not just a picture on the page. Those members who choose not to post or give helpful tips on the platoon feed will be given a warning before they are removed from the platoon. Here are some helpful tips and idea’s you can post .

These are just a few ways you can be an active member

Veteran players can give the lower ranks helpful tips and tactic’s
Help posting on the recruitment page on the forums
Post any news on updates or patches
Best weapons for each class
Tips on vehicle operation

ART OF WAR QUOTES BY: SUN TZU 600BC:A skilled commander seeks victory from the situation and does not demand it of his subordinates.

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