Gold Army Factory
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Teamspeak (provided by BAD):

[GOLD]'s most active squad. Assisting each others no matter how.



Hi, soldiers! It's good to be knowing each other here and play together. Most important, we all play with our teamwork!

For those army who want to join us, we only accept players that really want to work together with us.

Note that you have to add members as your friend manually, so that you can only join them easily. Want to play as a good team? Add me and leaders, we always play as a team.

**Another IMPORTANT thing, hacker or cheater are not welcome in our platoon. If I found out any one of you hacking in the game, you will be kick, you will be mark on blacklist, I will report to every platoon and EA, you will never have a chance to come back to GOLD! Please DO NOT ruin the game! Be a man to fight in the warzone.

Message for all LEADERS, very grateful to you for inviting more players in our platoon. But remember only invite your best friends that you always playing with. We don't want "non-active", cheating members. CARI & JBT users are always accepted.

OK. Boys, happy shooting~



If you are a Gold member,pls put a tag on your name---easy to Recognize (Edit your profile, you will see have a small box on your name left)

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