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Platoon Presentation

Hello there!
Nice to see you in our platoon and thanks for playing on our servers! :)

We would like to remind you that Battlfield 3 can offer so much more fun if you act nice and kind. Try to keep all the unnecessary hate hidden. This way life becomes a lot easier and people will be more tolerating, appreciative and supportive. Always be open-minded, keep calm and enjoy the game!

Donations very appreciated! ->
or directly to via PayPal. Thank you!

Our Server:

Rush only, more tickets, 40 Slots

- Server Rank Plugin (visit and search for our servers)
Type rank to see your rank ingame or topX to see a toplist

- Votekick Plugin: Type /votekick [player] [reason] to start a votekick

- Votenuke Plugin: If it seems like the whole team can't change anything and is stuck under heavy fire and unfair gameplay you can use !votenuke to start a vote that if it passes, will kill the entire enemy team.

- Admin Alerter: Type /report [player or part of it] [reason] to notify an admin (gets a mail automatically)

- votemap: Starts automatically at the end of each round, you can select between 3 maps. Vote by simply typing the number of the map you want into the chat (1, 2, 3)

- Force Squad: Everyone will be put in squad by the server

- Advanced Balancer: Balances Teams

- Pre Round Balance: If there was a huge difference in score on the last map, the teams get mixed again by skill

- Team Kill Punisher: you can judge team mates who killed you or forgive them. Use !punish or !forgive

Also we run a few plugins to detect cheaters: Kill Rate Kicker, KPD Kicker and Hall Of Shame Bans (based on

Our servers are hosted by A really great hoster, we recommend them!

And now: Have fun while playing on RedBirds Gaming Servers!

RedBirds (responsible for servers: simpsinator)

In case of questions: ask! ^^

Oh and you can like us on Facebook (through our website

The IP of our TS3 Server is, no password required. :)

If you have something very important to tell us, please use the following mail

Last updated: March 27th

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