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A HARDCORE crew of international misfits who like to crush the hopes and dreams of lesser men just for kicks. Doing it on the regular, since the dawn of time...

Any clan applicants need to send AmericanIndigo a PS3 "friend request" with your Battlelog account name. Not going to track you down. ALSO UNDERSTAND that once you join WAR, you CANNOT advertise another clan tag FOR ANY REASON while being a member of WAR. We want Brothers dedicated to WAR, not mercenaries.

We look for unselfish TEAM players, HARDCORE MODE only. You SOFTCORE sissies, fan the platoon and then quickly step away before your confused with someone who has guts.

You MUST participate (stay in touch) in order to remain a member of this clan. We don't need a tree full of dead leaves.

ANY servers not approved by Leadership CANNOT advertise a WAR affiliation. Official WAR servers have an already agreed upon set of rules. Those rules are pretty simple.

1. Team killing will get you banned immediately
2. Camping and sniping are the same thing, both are allowed, deal with it
3. Stealing vehicles IS legal, base raping is not. Shooting empty vehicles and sniping into base IS base rape. *HOWEVER, getting your ass kicked in base because you've lost all objectives is NOT base rape, it is a personal problem. Any unit incapable of escaping deserves to die. Deal with it.
*If someone shoots, shoot back, doesn't matter where they are.
4. No kamikazes or glitchers. Kamikazes get kicked. (warning) Glitching will get you banned immediately.
5. There are NO weapon bans or weapon configuration bans. If it is in the game then it's all good, unless something is glitched, i.e. the M26 Dart of old.
6. No shooting empty vehicles in deployment, EVER
7. No sniping, artillery barrages or anti-air fire from your base. Gotta come out and fight, don't be scared.
*Repeat offenders will be banned.

Any Admins who abuse their power WILL lose Admin rights and possibly clan membership. You DO NOT embarrass WAR. Don't try me on this, I like you, I don't love you.

Again... These rules only apply to OFFICIAL WAR servers. Private servers owned by WAR members are their owners business. Don't message Leadership with complaints about private servers.

Questions and complaints are and will be handled in an unbiased manner. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE CLAN!
J.Arra81@gmail.com = AmericanIndigo

WAR Aggressive Recon Legion - http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655241470294327/

WAR Armor Legion - http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655241472751775/

WAR Air Legion - http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655391779551443/
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