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The Filth Gaming is a competitive and social clan, we play to win and have fun doing it. We have members ranging from the US to EU. We are a clan that prides itself on having good and loyal members. We implement tactics, communication, and great gun skill to win in everything we do. If your into competitive gaming then this is the place for you. We play Squad Rush, Conquest Domination, and will hopefully start a conquest team up soon. And if your not into competitive gaming we have a social side to The Filth. Were members get online to play and have fun. We play on the PS3, our main game is BF3, but we will hopefully be starting MOHW soon.
Founder: Filthy_Eagle
Co-Leader: Daltron3000
Leader: EnV136
Competitive Gaming Requirements
- Must be 16 years of age or older (Acceptions can be made)
-Must have mic
-Must have a KDR of 1.70 or higher.
-Must have SPM of 550 or higher.
-Must ALWAYS squad up.
-Must be active on the website.
Social Gaming Requirements
-Must have a mic.
-Must be active on website.
-Must squad up.
Contact EnV136 or Filthy_Eagle for clan matches or scrims.
We are recruiting. For recruitment info contact EnV136 or Filthy_Eagle
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