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Platoon Presentation

This is the platoon for the RFH clan, and will be for those who are members of the clan.
Those who wish to join the clan can be part of the platoon during their tryout stage.
RFH stands for Respect, Friendship, Honour.

The clan stands for respecting one another, opponents, the game and the community.

Members are supposed to be friendly and polite to one another, both in game and in the forums.

Members are to behave in an honourable manner.
So that the other members and the clan as a whole can be proud of them.

By upholding the very simple yet effective motto of our clan, we can always be united.

Therefore, we will make friendships that last for years, and have fun in games, forums, etc

If anyone wishes to join, then feel free to apply. here is a link to the website:


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