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Ace International is a strong
and self knowed group. friends, family, online friends etc. all proved loyalty/skill/Teamplay! Tactics. and so on. this is the recruit platoon the wings next to ACE. they are not less or more. we are all brothers. So when anybody show those characters, and stay loyal to the platoon. they are welcomed to ACE. therefore the platoon grows very strong and you know who's fight next to ya..HOaaah . welcome on board.

Not only Rank is important, with rank you do not win the WAR.

There are 2 kind of people in this world..
The one with Guns..
And the one who DIG.

( Do you have what it takes to be an ACE )

I salute you

IMPORTANT NOTICE = YOU DONT have to change your clantag when you first start off with us we only ask that you put OUR clan tag on before a match or game with us to tell us apart from the other people/team

By: [ACE] The-Jacket22


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