The Legion {PS3}
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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to the Legion platoon!

We're members of the Battlefield 3 division of the Legion, a constant growing gaming clan with an active community, our own TeamSpeak 3 server and recently our own Battlefield 3 Server for 32 players (thanks Nibor134). Join us today by becoming a member on our website / forums.

We're all about true teamplay and support; a clan for everyone, hosting our own TeamSpeak 3 server ,whether you want to coordinate with teammates or just want to chit chat.

Our gaming clan is active in many different and various games including (but not limited to):
* MineCraft
* World of Tanks
* Team Fortress 2
* A.V.A
* Supremacy 1914
* Battlefield Heroes
* Battlefield Play4Free
and many many more!!!

Join us today!

Official Clan Forum!

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