Force Recon Hounds
Tag: [FRH] Fans: 5 Created: 2011-12-19

Platoon Presentation

We are FRH if you cant beat us join us !!!

FRH - good friends having a laugh but we are serious gamers we play to win and have fun

( conquest, rush or cqc ... )

open to apply !! no trash talkers looking for gamers with a tactical approach, look out for our players and have a good game......


1. No spawn trapping, base raping, vehicle stealing (unless it is left unsupervised outside of their spawn), t-bagging, cheap tactics (such as ramming with jets) or unsportsmanlike behaviour.

2. When taking another platoon member’s dogtags, don’t gloat or be overly vicious.

3. Don’t RAGE too much , a small amount is understandable, but when it’s excessive there’s an issue. If someone tells you to calm it down, DO IT.

4. If a server description includes rules, respect them, even if you don’t agree with them.

5. Try to take the high road even if being mistreated by other players or admins.

6. Don’t abuse admin powers if you have them. With great power comes great responsibility.

7. always remember you are part of a family now don't give us a bad name !!!

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