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*Hardcore Gaming* ________________________________________________________________________________________

Welcome to the HARDCORE GAMING CLAN OFFICIAL XBOX 360 battlelog page. If interested in joining or wish to challenge us please go to official website: Click either the recruitment application or Challange Us
-Hardcore Gaming is a highly competitive Conquest team.
-We do ladders and tournaments.
-There are no formal stat requirements but we will check your stats and evaluate them with how you play with us.
-A mic is required (no exceptions)
-In order to join you need to play a tryout of sorts with us so we can see if you work well with everyone, can communicate well, and just to judge your all around skill in a more competitive environment.
-HGC tag is required if practicing/competing
-If you're interested in joining message infamousheaton on here or xbl.

=]H[= Warlord

Hardcore Gaming's Recruiting Video:

Hardcore Gaming's PC Battlelog:

Hardcore Community Website:

Unranked Scrim 3-2-0
Ranked Matches 1-2-0
Hardcore Gaming Practice Schedule

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