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1942年代 SARS-ARMY核心價值
我們是戰地風雲的軍團--SARS ARMY

SARS ARMY於2004年2月1日正式成立,是一個以一系列戰地風雲遊戲為主的團隊,本團隊所舉行之電腦遊戲活動的費用是全免的,絕不另作收費或收受任何利益。(隊友自由參與的活動(如:晚宴)等聚會除外)

擁有自己的伺服器(包括Team Speak3,FaceBook,Skype,RaidCall,團隊網頁,團練伺服器)

二零零五年七月十日 戰地風雲2 LAN Party 與U-Hunter獲得冠軍
二零零六年七月二十二日 戰超聯第一屆 亞軍
二零零六年十一月十九日 戰地風雲2142 LAN Party 亞軍
二零零六年十二月四日 戰地風雲2142 LAN Party 亞軍
二零零七年十二月二十一日 戰超聯第二屆 冠亞軍
二零一零年六月十三日 戰地風雲 BAD COMPANY 2 年度大賽 征服賽冠軍, 生死廝殺戰亞季軍

SARS ARMY is a famous FPS clan in Hong Kong.
We are experts in playing Battlefield 1942, DC, Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142 and Battlefield 3 !!

All new members who want to join this group are required to provide TS ID. Please send a message to Admin or contact LifeGuard / Samuel through TS

The Hong Kong = [SARS]= ARMY clan Introduction

The team's introduction, idea and agreement:
SARS ARMY officially established in February 1, 2004. It's primarily game is the battlefield series. Any activity hold by us is free of charge. (Except any activities held by teammates (for example: banquets) in which members can participate freely).
Our theme is 'Deduce The Strongest , Break Out The Asia'. Because the number of clans are multitudinous, therefore, our team needs the idea of victory. You must display your own advantages and determination.
Utilizing tactics in each game, "attack and capture" the enemy's flag. The results are clearly shown to all team members naturally, prestige of the team will also promote.
Hong Kong is a small city, the amount of teams are very few. In order to become a strong team, it needs to broaden your horizons and knownledge to the whole world. Please remember the "Battlefield series" is just a game and only for entertainment, please do not let it affect your social life and your work. Please complete your most important work before joining our activities.

We are now opening a UK division of SARS ARMY and recruiting new members, please don't hesitate! Join us and expand our Clan!

Team information:
There are currently 120 existing members.

We have our own server (including Team Speak2, team homepage and battlefield unranked servers)
In Management of the EAHK battlefield2142 Ranked server - EAHK-SARS ARMY (IP:
Every Friday and Saturday we have team training on our own server in order to promote the cooperation between the team members and individual ability. (battlefield2 and battlefield 2142 has team training)

The recent years of combat success:
On July 10, 2005 Battlefield 2 LAN Party with U-Hunter Champion
On July 22, Battlefield League2006 Second place
On November 19, 2006 Battlefield 2142 LAN the Party Second place
On December 4, 2006 Battlefield 2142 LAN the Party Second place
On December 21, Battlefield League2007 of champion and second-place

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