Game Knights (PS3)
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Platoon Presentation

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This is the PS3 chapter of Game Knights.
Xbox chapter:
PC chapter:

We are looking for gamers from all backgrounds and all skill levels to join the Game Knights. In return we offer a new
kind of clan experience. Gaming communities are notoriously plagued by immature individuals, while suffering from a
lack of cohesion and meaningful interactions. Game Knights offers an alternative: a place for gamers of all walks of
life who value honor and companionship in an active gaming community. Every type of gamer is welcome and
catered for: if you want to kick back and relax, hone your skills, share your thoughts or make a contribution –
we create a platform for you to do so in the company of like-minded and friendly individuals from across the globe.

To support this ideal we want to create a whole structure of privileges, prizes and honors to earn for any contribution
from consistent forum posting, to news reporting, to event organization, to graphic design. You can come along for
the ride as a Brother and enjoy what the community has to offer, or you can pick up the pace and sign up for any
duties you want to and earn the rights and privileges of Knighthood. Game Knights takes a professional approach
to community building so we can create a place where friendships are made, skills are improved and gaming is
properly enjoyed!

- Creation of a high-quality gaming community centered on sharing a passion for gaming and playing
cooperatively online.
- Offering a comfortable environment for gaming enthusiasts from all walks of life to make lasting friendships with
like-minded individuals
- A free and supportive platform to develop the design, creation and management skills relevant in
a gaming community.

- Taking a professional approach to the design and maintenance of a non-profit gamer community.
- Developing a core group of users that deliver quality contributions to the community.
- Strict rules of conduct and high quality standards are offset against meaningful rewards and honors.

- All members are required to be 18 years or older. Younger members can apply and will be considered on
a case-to-case basis.
- All members are expected to conduct themselves honorably on Battlelog and in-game.
- All members are required to have all Game Knights leaders on their friend list on battlelog and on psn.
- All members are required to sign up to the temporary forum at

This is where we are now. Sign up to keep up to date to Game Knights developments, or even find ways
to contribute. If you want to learn anything, or try your hand at a new skill, we're here to help you.
Coding, graphics, competitive play, leadership skills, anything you can imagine. Show commitment
and we will show you opportunity. There are no obligations related to platoon sign-up during pre-alpha
except following the four rules stated above.

Additionally, all members that show dedication and active participation on the Game Knights temporary
forum will receive instant promotion to Brother in the Alpha phase, as well as possible other perks and
privileges along the way.

Rome was not built in a day. To gauge interest and enthusiasm for the Game Knights concept, we will start out in
an Alpha phase. This phase will last till we have 20 dedicated members or at least 8 Knights. During Alpha, everyone
can apply by signing up for the forum. They will immediately be able to post on the forum and get the member
status of Initiate. This will roll over to Brother status once the Initiate has made 10 forum posts and passed an
in-game evaluation. In-game evaluations serve to verify that the member has a microphone and behaves honorably.
Game statistics are not a factor.
As a Brother, they gain the right to post on 3 of the 4 Knight’s Order pages: News, Events, and Combat.
Once Game Knights goes into the Beta phase, the first Knights will be selected from the
active contributors to the forum and the News, Events and Combat pages.

Application and Initiate phase is the same as in the Alpha phase. Once a member earns the Brother status,
he applies for an apprenticeship with one of the Orders. This is not mandatory. Brothers can remain in
their current role indefinitely. However, as an apprentice to a Knight’s Order, the Brother gets access to
the relevant website features (ie. event calendar posting, hosting trainings, etc). After 10 contributions,
the Brother will gain Knighthood and enter the respective Order.
Knights can participate in competitions, earn awards, unlock advanced website features, access the
Knights-only board, and receive specialized training in writing, coding and graphics design if they wish.
Brothers will not have access to these features.
In the Beta phase the website will be incrementally upgraded to offer the advanced features the Knights can use.

Once all core features are online and all Knight’s Orders are fully staffed, Game Knights will be
in its final form. At that time, a new business plan will be drafted to accommodate the current
community even more and to expand further in other directions.

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