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United we stand R3S. Team work is how we succeed, together as a unit.

Search R3S in the server browser to play in the team servers. Save them to your favorites and add clan mates to your friends list. Our clan battles will be weeknights and weekends in the afternoon. Play during the week with your fellow soldiers to reserve your roster spot and increase your squad ranking.

This is a play-to-stay clan based on team work and communication. Play the objective and most importantly, do what it takes to help your TEAM WIN THE GAME. If you are not a mercenary or veteran you may get kicked for inactivity. Don't take it personal just reapply and PLAY with the team to stay.

New recruits must wear the R3S tag and play in our servers in order to meet other clan members. Show your skills on the battlefield by playing the objective, showing you are a killing machine, calling out/spotting enemies, smart revives, supplying ammo, etc. Make sure you add clan members to your PSN and Battlelog friends list.

Once you are well recognized by other R3Sv for your contributions, you may be nominated for a promotion. * You MUST be nominated unanimously by veterans in order to wear a veteran tag. * If you have not been asked to represent a ranked tag, you have not yet been voted unanimously. The rankings are:
[R3S] = new blood recruits (1-2 months active service)
[R3Sm] = mercenary killers ( 2 - 3 months active service)
[R3Sv] = veteran assassins (4+ months active service + unanimous vote by veterans required)
[R3Sx] = x-treme generals (founders)

Promotions are based on time served, recruiting other skilled soldiers and most importantly PERFORMANCE on the battlefield. If you want to be promoted, simply work hard and consistently place yourself on the top of the score board. If you are a great team player, you will be noticed and get promoted faster!

Simple Rules:
1. You are representing the RedEyedSoldier family when you step into any server. Show respect to our name by playing the objective and treating others how you want to be treated.
2. Cheating or glitching will NOT be tolerated.
3. A friendly joke is welcomed, but if you offend anyone be ready with an apology.
4. Stay active and play in our R3S team servers.
5. Don't be the dead weight guy who's always at the bottom of the scoreboard doing little to help the team. Carry your own jock if you want to remain in the clan.
6. Message Dramatik if you have any issues, questions or comments.

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