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Platoon Presentation

PC only platoon


1 To join YOU MUST BE 16 years or older.

2 Be a tactical player and have good combat skills, not just what your profile shows but how you engage your self in combat

3 Be a good team player.

4 have a working mic or be a really fast typer.

5 No abuse will be tolerated. any members that abuse other members will talked to and then the outcome will be determined if they are kicked or put on probation.

6 We also work with a ranking system show good combat skills and you will rank up in the platoon, the ranks are...

Army: For those who like there feet on the ground.

Lance Corporal
Lance Sergeant Major
Staff Sergeant
Warrant Officer class 2
Warrant Officer class 1
Second Lieutenant
Lieutenant Colonel
Brigadier (General)
Major General
Lieutenant General
Field Marshal

Airforce: For those who have wings

Pilot Officer
Flying Officer
Flight Lieutenant
Squadron Leader
Wing Commander
Group Captain
Air Commodore
Air Vice Marshal
Air Marshal

NOTE: Just cause you applied for the airforce dose not mean you can not fight on the ground, same goes for Army

7 If you are good during combat you will be promoted faster, also being active on the [PL] page will help you ranks up as well.

8 When rank is given you must have the acronym for that rank in your name e.g Sgt SealTeam1996

9 always listen to a higher rank, if there is abuse of rank that person will be put before the commanding officers.

Got what it takes apply now

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