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=Skull Squadron 1= WANTS YOU! To be a bullet magnet…

=SS1= was founded in October 2003 as a Battlefield 1942 / Desert Combat Clan. Over the past 10 years =SS1= has grown into a multigame community. We have played various Shooters and MMORPG games. A handful of the most regularly played games at =SS1= are the Battlefield Series of Games,World of WarCraft, Dayz, EVE and Mincraft. While not as active as we once were in the Battlefield community, we are excited about rebuilding our presence with BF3 & BF4 at its core. Oh, and just to be clear, we are primarily a PC based group of gamers.

Who are we?

=SS1= clan members range in age from 18 to 50. The majority of our personnel are comprised of active duty military, former military, active duty law enforcement, and IT Professionals. Nerds with guns as it were…

We are a good group of people even though we hang our halo off of our horns. We can and often do get a little “salty” in our TeamSpeak and forums. Most of us have known each other for years and are close friends, so ritual hazing is fairly common practice.

What are we looking for?

We are interested in members that we can relate too. That being said, most of us are very open minded and patriotic individuals. Values such as integrity, duty, honor and respect are important to us, those values should be important to you as well.

We know real life comes first, family is very important to all of us. We would like to think the clan has a place in your life as well. We expect our members to be loyal and have a reasonable commitment to the clan.

We do not expect you to be the most skilled gamers in the world. To be honest, you can pretty much suck. We do want to see people that want to improve their game play and would work to the end. Most of us have played online games for years and are well rounded gamers. We can help you to improve your game, and we fully expect to help those willing to listen to advice.

For those that are skilled and are interested, we would like to offer a chance at competitive game play on ladders such as TWL. Some of us are looking forward to competitive game play and would be happy to add to those ranks.

What do we have to offer?

Website with forums:

512 slot TeamSpeak 3 (connection info on website)

So if this sounds like the kind of clan you would like to game with, do not hesitate to register in our forums and post in our recruitment forum for Battlefield. Persons interested are also welcome to stop by our TeamSpeak server and introduce yourself there as well.

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Long Live the Fighters!

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