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Platoon Presentation

Happy fragging, fun loving clan, who dont take things so seriously! So at the end of the day.... its night! :P
Were like a family! Stick by each other!!

The last thing we want to do is hurt you. But it's still on the list!

Looking for new members! 17+...

Need to PTFO, work as a team, get along with all members of [SnS] / [hero] / [CKj] / [DTA], add all members on battlelog and PSN, join games that SnS members are in, use the select button to: spot enemies / target flags if squad leader / ask for meds/ammo. . . . .
ALSO!!! Get involved and post comments on the clan page or contribute to what other people have posted.

Prefered if members had mics but isn't essential, text chat function on PS3 can be used if required.

Cosmic Killj0ys [CKj]

Harmonious Heroes [hero]

Death To All [DTA]

Members of [SnS] / [CKj] / [hero] / [DTA] that reach Level 100 colonel will be accepted into [SIR]

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