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Our Server: Violent Killers Clan Server

===Clan Battles Won===
White Box PMC

Hi And Welcome To
Violent Killers PS3 CLAN

We are Violent Killers. We are really experienced and awesome team where its hard to find. We are currently recruiting active, friendly members who can work together with others as part of a team. We do like to work together, we do so in a relaxed and fun environment. Playing just for fun and talking shit.

*No K/D requirements - willing to learn
*Willing to work as part of a team
*Microphone is REQUIRED
* And being able to check site regularly!

*User Friendly Website
*Active Forums
*Mobile site and chat (not finished)
*Our own exclusive Hoodies
*Our own battlefield 3 server.
*Own Squad
*Most resent news and updates
*Practice for needy members
*Fun events (contest, prizes and fun activities)
*... and much more!

You can APPLY by going to our Clan page and clicking link below and sign up. After your application is accepted, speak with one of the leaders of the clan & That’s it!

Good luck!
If you need any help, feel free to add one of our members as a friend and they will help you


You must add tags to your Profile upon joining . “Can’t be more violent then we are”

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