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Welcome to War Heroes here you can find the greatest soldiers I can see (please don't be mad).

So here are the rules :

Most Importantly We Accept Any One From Any Country

1. Be kind to your team so you and your team could help each other.
2. Every enemy that has powerful weapons like shotguns, USAS-12, SMAW, RPG and any other more dangerous weapons that can kill you instantly.
3. If you see an enemy that doesn't know you are behind him use the knife quickly without hesitation.
4. Finally Be the strongest when you are in battle.

Thank You Soldiers for joining War Heroes.

And in addition to the rules :

5. If you're a specialist in any kit use it so you can be stronger and much more comfortable in battle.
6. If you're a specialist in :

Attack Helicopters

Scout Helicopters

Anti-Air vehicles


Main Battle Tanks

Infantry Fighting Vehicles

and Transport Vehicles (Transport Helicopters, Jeeps, AAV-AMTRAC, etc. )

kindly use it to your advantage.

Thank you again for joining War Heroes soldiers.

See You in The Battlefield.

We Are All For One No War Have Been Encourage
In ALL Countries Here.

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  • 4-Infamous wrote on the wall for War Heroes:
    everybody the best wishes for 2016 en hopefully this will be a good year for all of you!!
  • 4-Infamous wrote on the wall for War Heroes:
    Merry X-Mess and a lot of Ho`s! To all of you!!
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  • 4-Infamous wrote on the wall for War Heroes:
    Best wishes for a happy peaceful & successful new year to all of you!!! : )
  • 4-Infamous wrote on the wall for War Heroes:
    4-Infamous Watch This!! Fucking Awsome!!
    5 years ago
  • Ford-Lynx wrote on the wall for War Heroes:
    Wow! Recent BF4 Beta patches fixes unwanted performances many players ( including myself ) is experiencing. Early work-around includes down-grading of video card drivers and using Windows 8. Now, the game runs better and much smoother than before! There can be still some minor fps spikes but hey, its a beta game. Bottom line is, the BF4 Beta is much playable now.
  • Ford-Lynx wrote on the wall for War Heroes:
    To those who already tried the BF4 Beta, what are your thoughts? Personally, I don't like the BF4 Beta. Its not about the game itself, its about the performance of the Beta. I know that this might happen since it is a Beta version, but atleast they should have given us a nice stable version to play with. This Beta also serves as a demo so atleast it should attract players to buy the game rather to be disappointed by its choppy and wierd gameplay. But enough of the negativity, the game itself is an improvement over BF3 but not that big. Graphically its the same, but the overall scale of the maps are massive. Customization of infantry and vehicles where changed and improved. I am hoping that the retail version of the game should be better and well optimize than the Beta.
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    Noob_Gamer_37 already gave up on playing bf4 beta^^ but still buying the retail version not because of the graphics or something^^ i want new maps, game modes, customization etc.., nakakasuka na kasi yung bf3 eh^^ haha! sure, they will fix th
    5 years ago
    pnksns well ill be out playing some other shooting games :L since i really like how they made BF4 to what it is now :L i wish i just could play with it like atleast 2 minutes but cant download anything so yea :P ill be playing other sh
    5 years ago