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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to our 2nd Loli platoon!

SS stands for Second Squad or as in japanese: Futatsu (Second)

A loli fan?
Or simply like some specific characters from anime/manga.
Requesting for some new anime/manga with some lolis?
We have some "experts" with title and characters for the anime/manga.

Then this is the place for you!

We are a social platoon with 200 members on our first platoon and second platoon and hope to expand even bigger.
Don't be shy and feel free to leave some comment.

Sign up now as a member, If not, atleast fan this platoon if you think about to join it later or love loli!
If you're a member, fan it aswell it will help much!

Thanks for joining us! and don't forget to have fun!

Exclusive for leaders:

Since you're a leader of Loli here's a script/plugin for more administrative tools for you to use in this platoon.
Greasemonkey works now with latest firefox version, started with Chrome.

Things you can do as Leader:

Give a warm welcome new members
Invite friends or recruit players
Change emblem requested by the members or when the old emblem is getting old.

Things you can do as a member:

Generally chit chat with everyone
Meet new people and buddy them
Play together as a squad in game
Request new platoon emblem
And spread the words to your friends to join us if they are interested.

We are now merging with another friendly social platoon:

Otaku Without Borders

Our first platoon and third platoon, aswell as our comrades.

Loli (First platoon)

Loli TS (Third platoon)

Yours sincerely

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