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Platoon Presentation

In order to be in competitive or elite platoon you must be in this one first.

One simply does not face us one simply loses to us. We are an alliance of legit all pro gamers that set examples and eliminate the competition. Don't get mad if we are too good for you i can tell you we aren't the best. There is ALLWAYS someone better then you in some area. Face it and don't anger yourself over it. It is part of life. If you have to beat us with cheap tactics then it shows your lack of true skill. All in all when we meet on the battlefield it is an honor for you to face us. Remember everyone your family, school, and or work are MUCH more important than your 360. So if you cant get on than don't worry about it. Your Xbox isn't everything. Clan website is,

Also we are in an alliance with RMC and well I consider 2L8 as well (since I'm part of it).

RANKS- (Can only be one rank with full powers of all previous ranks, can be promoted under certain circumstances. All changes and recruitment must be run by me first to finalize.)

FOUNDER (Established clan)- Project 0R1G1N other profile is N0C0p913

LEADERS (Leaders in Platoon. I have great respect for them and they have the same powers as me)GrimReaper8973

VETERANS (Membership status more than a year and I promote them)- none

GENERAL (Membership status more than 10 months)-

COLONEL (Membership status more than 6 months)- foundhisfnmojo.

CAPTAINS (Membership status more than 4 months)- redpandared.

CORPORAL (Membership status more than 2 months)-
Razzle Dazzle, tichmclovin, wrongwaygoback.

PRIVATES (Membership status less than 1 month)- magicman2417, Shakur, GiuseppeGambino, DiscosCompactosl, buskehz

POSSIBLE RECRUITS (Non-Members under review for not meeting requirements or have been asked to join but once they have they will be recruits or are debating joining.)-


FOUNDER- Full control of clan.

LEADERS- Can recruit others with no questions asked, can change join requirements with approval of me, are server admins and can set up clan matches.

VETERANS- Same powers as leader with the exception of changing join requirements.

GENERAL- Can recruit others, can set up clan matches and are server admins any other powers require me to grant them.

COLONEL- Can recruit others and are server admins any other powers require me to grant them.

CAPTAINS- Can recruit others after they get senior approval, any other powers require me to grant them.

CORPORALS- Can recruit others after a captain tells me about it and then i approve it, any other powers require me to grant them.

PRIVATES- None unless i says so otherwise

Once 10 members join there will be 4 squads with back up squads after more players join.

Leader: Razzle Dazzle
Member: GrimReaper8973
Member: NAthAN14XD
Member: tichmclovin

BRAVO SQUAD: Ground Vehicles
Leader: GrimReaper8973

Leader: GiuseppeGambino

Leader: Project 0R1G1N
Member: redpandared
Member: foundhisfnmojo
Member: magicman2147

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