Strategic Assassins
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-------> "The Strategic Assassins"<------
We the People of the Strategic Assassins, in Order to form a more perfect Clan, establish Justice, insure international tyranny, provide for the common defense we promote child slavery , and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and Posterity, do ordain and establish the decoration of war for the Strategic Assassins.

If wanting to have a clan match:
1. The most important, Hardcore Only
2. Not to fond of rush, but willing to negotiate.
3. We're looking for legitimate clans to face, please don't contact us if your unorganized.

Here goes the requirements for Joining the Clan:
1. At least 16 and over, children need not apply
2. At least a .90 k/d or better
3. Has to be Skilled, at Least Level 40,
4. not Racist- big factor
5. Able to Communicate, and can take a joke
6. Being able to help out other teammate if in need of help
7. Don't be a sore loser, you win some you lose some
8. Have faith and respect for every member of the team
9. Just be a fun person that everybody can be friends, don't want any more dicks than what we have, That including girls to come on out, Major Factor.

If you are able to follow these guidelines, there is a high possibility that you can join. Website in progress, but if any questions contact or SuperKamiGuru02 or any leaders listed
- Xbox gamer-tag for any questions.

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