Delta Force
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Welcome To Delta Force
We Lead The Way

First Member Who Are Inactive Over A Week Period Will Be KIcked From Delta Force For Inactive Time
If You Must Be Inactive Please State Why To Me And The Leaders
Leaders Are Not Allowed To KIcked Members Without My Rights & A Reason Also \
Leaders Are Not Allowed To Kick Members Cause of Angry Cause of Begin Killed or Knifed By Platoon Member if So Leader Who KIcked Member Will Also Be KIcked

Mics Are A Must If You Do Not Have One Please State It In Platoon Wall

Members Must Fellow Me or Leaders Orders On The Field

At No Time Leaders Or Members Are Allowed To Boost Durning So Will Get You Kicked And Also Report To EA & Dice

No Leaders Are Allow To Change Tags If Recruiting For Delta Force But If You Are In Other Platoon And You Have A Clan Battle Please State Time And Dated of The Clan Battle & You Will Be Allowed To Change Your Tags For The Event

If Your Training With Other Platoon Your In
You Can Change Your Tags

If Your A Founder of Other Platoon Your Allow To Have Your Clan Tag

Every 4th Friday of The Month I Will Test Out A Clan Member For Skills And If He Or She Fellows Orders

If You Are In A Call of Duty Clan Please State It In Clan Wall Also Let Your Call of Duty Clan Know Your A Member of Delta Force And Please Also Make Time To Play Battlefield 3 With Delta Force Member Fail To Do So And Fail To Be Active With DF Members & Leaders Gets You Kicked No Warning

Please Also Have Respect For Me And Everyone In The Clan & I Will Do The Same For You

Also If Your Inactive On The Psn Over A One Month Time You Would Not Be KIcked From Delta Force
But When You Return Please State The Long Leave But I Say This If You Are Active On The Psn And Playing Call of Duty Over A Two Week Time & Falied To Answer My Invite To Battlefield 3 More Then 3 Times Gets You Kicked

Thank You
And If You Disagree With Me Please Tell Me And We Have A Private Chat About it I Will Hear You Out

one last thing
for the longest time i have played battlefield i believe this
i want this platoon to have respect not only from our members and leaders but from other clans and players from the battlefield 3 world

members of delta force if your in a clan battle and terrain77 picks will be notice by battlelog...text message and facebook and email if your out of america you will notice by facebook and email all notice will be forward to me to see if terrain send them
if you fali to let terrain know your not able to come after 3 times leader or not will be kicked without warning
if you send a notice to terrain you must forward message to me i will getting your numbers and facebooks and emails tomorrow


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