173rd Airborne
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<// 75th Ranger Regiment\\>

173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team

Our Mission:
As Airborne Soldiers, our mission is to preform unconventional and rapid assault operations which may serve to turn the tide of battle in our favor.
We strive for excellence in every task which we undertake.

Unit Description:
We operate using unit sizes ranging from 2-4 man fire-teams up to platoon sized elements. This is based on the conditions of the scenario. We are a select and elite few. We utilize teamwork and legitimate military tactics to complete our objectives.

We specialize in many different tasks. We may be few in number, but our effectiveness is unmatched. We all learn to multitask for the mutual benefit of the team. This comes in very useful when facing other skilled opponents. We teach our members the importance of playing your class to the absolute limit in order to fit a specific need of a mission.

Application Policy:
All Players who are interested may submit an application to join on the Platoon's battlelog.

173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team Recruiting Requirements:
All Players must be 15+. years of age.
All Players must possess an operational mic.
All players must apply and pass an evaluation and Initial Entry Training by senior members.

We are always looking for new, and legitimate skill-sets.
(We are not looking for people who can bail out of a jet and shoot another down in the process. Yes, we understand that it is cool, but that is not a legitimate tactic or skill.)

Unit Motto:
"Strength Through Unity. Success Through Strength. Wisdom From Failure. Victory Through Wisdom."

-Note a website is "In the works" for more detailed information and recruitment.

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