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Platoon Presentation

|F|uzileiros don't die... they just go to hell and regroup!

10 years @ existence! :)

We are not, never been and never will be recruiting!
Invite only!

Feel free to visit and join our webpage @ http://fuzileiros2003.enjin.com/

4th @ Close Quarters FraggedNation Wintercup 2013
1st @ Close Quarters FraggedNation Ladder
2nd@ Close Quarters FraggedNation SummerCup 2013

|F| Close Quarters Line Up:
|F| eL =X= >>
|F| nadeS
|F| KaZuYa99
|F| PT_Hornet
|F| Wearp0n

If you want play against us, we are available @ Sundays / Tuesdays and Thursdays from 22:30 to 00:30 CET

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