The Gathering
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Platoon Presentation

This platoon is made as a social area only, some platoons like to join each others platoons and socialize. This could cause problems with platoons keeping their count with members who are normal platoon members and not someone who joined for being social. This platoon's purpose and design is to let everyone leave the platoon that they don't share Clan tags with and be able to socialize in one spot.

This platoon IS NOT MADE FOR PLATOON MATCHES TO BE MADE AGAINST!! Also this is a drama free zone, there should not be any comments about racism, religious status, IQ hazing, negative comments on people's game play and the such. etc. platoon matches can be made here and ground rules map rotations and the such can be done here.

Founders/ Main Leaders of platoons will be added upon request and will be made a leader so they can invite their entire platoon. This is not for everyone or every platoon. If a platoon is associated with this social platoon then there is no need to have them on your platoon list. questions and comments? leave me a message on my wall. Platoon leaders, this platoon is self run, if you have a platoon server, you have to add it to the list, this is not my problem. platoon founders have leader access, use it but dont abuse it. i need to know when a new platoon comes in BEFORE they are invited, if you talked to them before you ask and they think it's great, that's fine but PLEASE notify me first.

Founders/Leaders please feel free to ask another platoon for a scrimmage, during your preparation for an up coming platoon match.

Current platoons associated
(SINS) Sinners and Saints-
(RUM) Rum and Wenches-
(KUSH) Power Kush Kings-
(MoB) MAFiA-
(Ace) Army Commando Elite-
(cF) Console Faction-
(BEER) AllYourBeerRBelongToUs-
(SHBX) Shieldbreaker-

Platoon servers:
(SHBX) Shieldbreaker mostly CQC
(Ace) ShieldBreaker 2.0, jet, choppers & tanks no one is ever kicked for being an awesome player
(cF) [cF] Battlegrounds

Please note that any sign of breaking the rules above will result in a kick, after a couple of days you may reapply. if it has become too serious and has led someone to leave the platoon the you may be banned, if it was unintentional you will need to sort things out with your platoon leader(s)

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  • watertank7 wrote on the wall for The Gathering:
    Hi everyone. any idea how you get RAMBO tag in multi-kills? I try many things but get no where like C4 or shoot vehicle transport, not thing work well for me.