Ambush Special Forces
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Platoon Presentation

We are Ambush Special Forces Group
Check out our new clan server: [ASFG] Official platoon server CQ/TDM 200%
******** [ASFG] ********
We are a small unit of elite operatives who band together under the [ASFG] name. We pride ourselves in our numbers, we do not welcome any asset that could compromise our elite status. The battlefield is our chess board, the opposition is our target, and the objective is to "get in and get out, clean." [ASFG] is an exclusive and permanent Brotherhood. We only welcome the best. "Stay Sharp & Think Smart."
******** RECRUITMENT ********
Status: [x] ON [ ] OFF

-Apply to the ASFR recruitment platoon. Found here:
-We reserve the right to deny applications
******** CLAN RULES ********
******** MATCHES ********
Record: 12 - 4
1) [ASFG] vs [RNKS] - WIN - 4vs4 Dec. 15
2) [ASFG] vs [TE5] - LOSS - 4vs4
3) [ASFG] vs [IIII] - WIN - 4vs4 Jan. 13
4) [ASFG] vs [TxH1] - WIN - 4vs4 Mar. 9th
5) [ASFG] vs [ARMA] - WIN - 4vs4 Mar. 15th
6) [ASFG] vs [HMNG] - WIN - 8vs8 Apr. 13th
7) [ASFG] vs [Red8] vs [EOD] - LOSS - 4vs4vs4 Apr. 27th
8) [ASFG] vs [RuN] - WIN - 8vs8 May 11th
9) [ASFG] vs [1F1K] - WIN 4vs4 May 12th
10) [ASFG] vs [TDiv] - WIN - 8vs8 June 8th (Forfeit)
11) [ASFG] vs [MVP] - WIN - 4vs4 June 14th
12) [ASFG] vs [TSC] - LOSS - 8v8 June 23rd
13) [ASFG] vs [CMD] - WIN - 11v12 June 26th
14) [ASFG] vs [MShP] - WIN - 8v8 July 6th
15) [ASFG] vs [DtX] - LOSS - 8v8 June 6th
16) [ASFG] vs [NSRq] - WIN - 6v6 August 31st
******** UPCOMING MATCHES ********

******** [ASFG] PLATOON ********

[ASFG] leaders
1)[ASFG]Soulassasin8 - (assault specialist)
2)[ASFG]TomaHawk_HH7 - (assault specialist)
3)[ASFG]Nicwaso - (tank & engineer specialist)
4)[ASFG]Dystrbd - (recon, engineer & assault specialist)

[ASFG] Elite operatives
5)[ASFG]AYONeal - (assault specialist)
6)[ASFG]Toakashi - (recon & assault specialist)
7)[ASFG]Cash15221 - (assault specialist)
8)[ASFG]Anime - (support, recon, & assault specialist)
9)[ASFG]Sam aka C4 Shark - (assault specialist)
10)[ASFG]AvengedHenry - (engineer & assault specialist)
11)[ASFG]Josey aka Clan Elder - (explosives & support specialist)
12)[ASFG]Aaron - (recon & assault specialist)
13)[ASFG]Maha - (C4 & support specialist)
14)[ASFG]IbeatObesity aka Simo Häyhä - (recon & assault specialist)
15)[ASFG]bf109k7 - (recon & assault specialist)
16)[ASFG]Sasuke19356 - (assault specialist)
17)[ASFG]MiamiInk942 - (recon & assault specialist)
18)[ASFG]Terry0086507 - (recon & engineer specialist)
19)[ASFG]Lazyguy247 - (assault specialist)
20)[ASFG]GlitchIZ - (recon & assault specialist)
21)[ASFG]WackAWarrior - (recon & engineer specialist)
22)[ASFG]Omarm1991- (assault specialist)
23)[ASFG]Littlebet aka designated driver - (assault & engineer specialist)

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  • theholein1 wrote on the wall for Ambush Special Forces:
    think we should continue with ASFG
    TH3_Vasto_Lorde im agree
    5 years ago
    nicwaso A call to Arms .. sound the alarm the brotherhood is back. Start working on a platoon emblem , I will get word to Soul. No promises he has his FST baby in development.
    5 years ago
  • samoanvika wrote on the wall for Ambush Special Forces:
    i've been watching a lot of top-notch players recently on youtube and noticed that the most dangerous class has become the recon due to the fact it has become the new TROLL class and it has a spawn beacon which can initiate hordes of trolls and it can take out air vehicles with its primary weapon and it has c4 so it can take out armored vehicles(all vehicles) and if u become an elite with the sniper u can take out entire squads without them coming even close to you and even if they get close, u have c4
    IBeatObesity But the hit detection for snipers is way off. They need to fix it. On top of that, bullet drop is way more noticeable in BF4. Prolly cuz they want you to use the "zeroing" system.
    5 years ago
    X_JoseyWales71_X what bullet drop?
    5 years ago
  • X_JoseyWales71_X wrote on the wall for Ambush Special Forces:
    where's soul?
    nicwaso [sowing his oats]. The General/Don has a very busy schedule to maintain and follow hence his sporadic morale boosting appearances.Speaking of missing persons Lilttlebet was spotted on battle-log today,he has BF4 so if Odin permi
    5 years ago
    X_JoseyWales71_X bet is playing right now
    5 years ago
  • nicwaso wrote on the wall for Ambush Special Forces:
    Hey guys just a quick sit-rep , I officially retired from BF3/PS3 on Friday. I will enlist again in 12 days to rejoin my brethren on the battlefield. Dog-tags for the main course that weekend men.
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    X_JoseyWales71_X nope.....from work!...only 30 more years to go!
    5 years ago
    theholein1 oh lol...
    5 years ago
  • Tomahawk_HH7 wrote on the wall for Ambush Special Forces:
    I want everyone to stay in this platoon. Dtx is a good opportunity for us so I want you all to make an effort to work with them and befriend them. To everyone that will be getting BF4 tomorrow for the PS3- have fun and squad up! If anything goes south, we will fall back to this platoon. It's important that we stick as a group, whether it's part of a larger group or on our own. That's all for now, see you when the PS4 drops!
    X_JoseyWales71_X who was that masked man???!!!!
    5 years ago
  • Fuccboi-D wrote on the wall for Ambush Special Forces:
    Alright guys, its official. We are now merged with DtX for BF4 and beyond! Im super excited for this and thanks to you all for you agreeing. Of the people i asked, i got a unanimous decision in favor of the merge, with exactly 12 yes votes and 0 no, which gives the majority vote in favor of the merge regardless of whether or not the other 10 say no. If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me about it on here, twitter (@very_dystrbd) or PSN. Im happy to answer any questions you have, or if you have concerns i can address those as well. This dawns a new era of the brotherhood, and we have just joined an even bigger brotherhood with the merge. Thanks for everyones support, and i will see you all in BF4 :)
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    IBeatObesity Just curious. What does sponsoring mean for this clan? Do we get freebies, checks in the mail?
    5 years ago
    Fuccboi-D Um im not sure as of now. I think its just like graphic designs for us if we need anything cuz the company that sponsors us is a graphic design company but i think Jesta would be a better person to ask about that cuz im not 100%
    5 years ago
  • nicwaso wrote on the wall for Ambush Special Forces:
    Through Back door dealings a potential Merge has been tabled with Detox. In case you forgot we took part in a CB against them in June in which we took a controversial loss. Before the gavel is dropped all 23 members may voice their opinion. MLG participation is the main reason you should favor this consolidation . Demonic/dystrbd and Tomahawk co-sign this arrangement. Question I have for the board is who will Represent the ASFG faction in Detox, or is this considered assimilation?. What happened to ASFG Platoon name change?. how can you guarantee playtime when detox has 63 players?. In absence of Soul New blood should be voted in to replace him.
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    Fuccboi-D As of now, I will be representing ASFG as a leader in DtX. However, other members will be able to prove their worthiness as a leader within the ranks of DtX, but since i am the most senior member of DtX from our team, i have ear
    5 years ago
    X_JoseyWales71_X soul who?
    5 years ago
  • omarmondragon19 wrote on the wall for Ambush Special Forces:
    Good game today ASFG...=)