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Welcome to Clan Over Skilled

Recruitment Open

Hello Soldiers,

First of all I would Like to tell about Over Skilled. We are a Multi Gaming Clan , Mainly in Battlefiled and MTA (Multi Theft Auto). Over Skilled is a group of gamers on the PC Platform looking to casually have fun. OS is a New Formed clan and having a strength of 32 members from all over the world and we are exciting that we will have more member soon.

We will be a group of skilled competitive members in which our goals are to make friends, develop strategies and participate in competitive matches.

Before Joining Have a look at Requirements

1. Applicant must be a active Member
2. Minimum Age required 16
3. Applicant must be Friendly , Respectful to other members/players. Matured
4. We do NOT accept any players that have been found to have cheats.
5. Applicant must be good in English

Platoon Page: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655391636666056/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
Website: Currently in Development. Please Have Patience

BF3 Servers:
To be Up Soon.

Teamspeak Server Info:
to be provided to members only

Thank you for Reading and having interest to OS clan

Your Faithful
WarWolf_070 / Keshav_IN

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