World Sniper Division
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WsD has risen from the grave, with our founding father Alex Graciano/Pink67Floyd. Only all pro snipers can join, so don't apply or you'll get denied because you not good enough.

Previously on BC2 but Alex decided to disband the clan b/c one day he decided "sniping is for scrubs." But WsD is back and were better than ever!

Leader/Founder/Sniping GOD!-- Pink67Floyd '

Requirements to join--- 100sniper service stars,
all weapons in top 5 must be sniper rifles, ( exeption of the MAV )

This Platoon is a dedication to Pink67Floyd also known as Alex Graciano. WE LOVE YOU FLOYD!! Once upon a time in bc2 their was a man named alex graciano. He was a very simple man, preferred the recon class then one day he decided to make his all pro clan (WsD world sniper division). their was a total of 3 member in his clan, but that didn't stop him from making the coolest clan OF ALL TIME. One day Alex decided he no longer liked the sniper class, so WsD was no more :'( he disbanded the clan & the 3 other members dispersed. (to this day his hatred toward the recon class grows) TODAY- alex doesn't play BF3 because he sucked at the the beta and claimed "bf3 is for scrubs." Alex's legacy lives on, through this platoon, his spirit remains with us.


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