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---- ABOUT US -----
We are the EVL Skirmishers, a branch of the EVL Gang who loves to compete in Clan Matches. Founder is Croanian.

---- Clan Battles ----
If you want to challenge us, contact a leader. Cronian, LeftTurnus, TinFoilArmor, Yingerman, or Elgost105. Yingerman will set everything up for the clan match. We will then try and find a time that works for both clans.

You must be a member of the EVL Gang first. The EVL Gang will normally accept good players with Mics and a TEAMPLAYING ATTITUDE. If you are wondering why thats in all caps, IT'S PRETTY FREAKING IMPORTAINT.
We are also the competitive side of EVL, so join if you want to compete in Clan Matches.

------ RULES ------
1.) Standard EVL rules apply. Back up your friends if they need the help. Dont ignore them.
2.) Wear the tag. Makes you easy to identify if we are playing and helps avoid the "who is this guy" conversation in squads
3.) Work Together! Killing people is 10x more fun if you work together!
4.) If you have a problem with another player come and tell one of the leaders so we can try and solve the problem. Everyone hates it when someone leaves over a misunderstanding, or when the problem could have been solved.
5.) We dont cheat. If you cheat, Leave it at the door, no cheating while in the clan. If we find out you are cheating, we WILL kick you out. While you are wearing the tag you are broadcasting to everyone about how the EVL Gang is. If you cheat you send a bad impression. SO DONT DO IT.
6.) Finally, HAVE FUN. Thats what games are for :D

----- Victories EVL has participated in -----
EVL vs. Twisted Soulz (Battle reports no longer exist.)

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