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Platoon Presentation

INTRO:This is W4R we are a platoon that strives to WIN.. I created this platoon a long time ago with the intentions to play with only 1 squad. I have changed my mind and now want to expand this platoon to a full team that plays together, runs together and is. very social. We will PTFO or we wont win. We are not
a big platoon and nor do i ever plan to make it big.
My reasoning behind just wanting 15-20 guys is when
we play with 50 in a platoon, how many of those
people do you actually know, Or are they the type to be rude, or discrimminate against you or other teammates? We will develope a since for eachother and know what we are going to do at all times. That is
called team work.. If you have any questions ask
me(W4R BF3) Brandon. Or our leaders (Knckle Head) Tyler and (explosive) Rocky.

Things to know(Rules)
1.We dont accept people with attitude..
2.play the fu***ng objective
3.Get in a party with teammates. You joined the platoon to play together.
5.Represent your platoon with the clan tag(W4R)..

If you want to join then add me W4R BF3 and i will get you set up.


HC is our Base gameplay
HC server is here, W4R is the server name
Add Everyone

Motto-DO WORK!



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