Bioterrorism Security
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Platoon Presentation

Based on the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance from the Resident Evil Series, this Platoon is a place for ALL Resident Evil fans.


Requirements, Rules & Regulations:
-Must have & USE a mic...

-Must be team oriented & play well with others.

-Squad play is a MUST! You must ALWAYS support your squad mates!

-PTFO! If you don't know that abbreviation, Google it!

-PLAY YOUR CLASS! If you are a Medic, throw out Medkits & Revive fallen team mates. If your playing Support, throw Ammo & use your C4 or Claymores to help the team... If your an Engineer, REPAIR & take out Enemy Vehicles & if you are sniping, you BEST BE spotting & placing your Spawn Beacon in a very tactical place to give your squad an advantage, don't sit it down so you can return to your camping spot!

-ABSOLUTELY NO prolong camping, unless you are sniping & if you are, you best be a good sniper!

-Communication is KEY to Victory! Let your Squad know where you are going if you are not with them so you can coordinate attacks. Let them know where the enemy is. The more communication, the better!

-Last, but certainly not least... SPOT THE ENEMY! You do this by looking at the enemy & pressing [Select] on your controller! This not only helps your Squad, but your WHOLE TEAM & you will get points if someone kills the enemy you spotted!

All are welcome to join, regardless if your not a "Die Hard" Resident Evil Fan. If you love tight knit squad play, then this is the Platoon for you!

All you have to do is apply, as long as you follow our Rules & Regulations, you will be fine.

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