Team Symthicia
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  • Revolver_0celo7 wrote on the wall for Team Symthicia:
    I think we should lead a mutiny against Sym. We can no longet be suppressed by the PC and PS3 community. I declare myself as our new leader. My first oder of business will be to ban any PC or PS3 player until they show proof of an Xbox 360 purchase, Xbox Live subscription and the purchase of 100 Microsoft stock shares. Secondly, all revenue generated by will be used to buy Microsoft shares. LB shall manage this portfolio, which will also be linked to every member's own portfolio. With this I wish to gain a significant stake in the making of the new Xbox. Thirdly, Nick shall be banned and hunted down by the SIA, and executed in DICE HQ for excessive posting and "REP" whoring. That is all for now my loyal subjects.