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Platoon Presentation

To members:

Theses following rules are not an option, they are all mandatory. Failure to comply with these rules WILL have you suspended from the team for a time to be determined at the moment of the offense. Excessive failure to comply with the rules will get you kicked. If you don't like the rules, GOODBYE!

Rule #1: Practice is not an option, if you are online at the the time of a practice and don't show up or at least message me with a GOOD reason as to why you can't make practice, (saying that you can't make it because your playing another game doesn't qualify as a good reason).

Rule #2: If your going to be offline or unable to play matches, practices, and/or scrimmages for over a week, contact me telling me so. This includes but is not limited to:
-work schedule
-family situations

Rule #3: Our clan tag (SWAG) MUST be worn at all times when playing in matches and/or scrimmages, no exceptions. We are not only trying to be a professional clan but trying to look like a professional clan (after reading this rule would be a good time to change it). Don't make me remind you of this rule.

Rule #4: Be very active on battlelog, try to check the platoon at least once every day. There will be a lot of postings and notifications on this page, all announcements from now on will be on battlelog.

(These are just the starter rules, more will be posted and you will be notified)

To those wanting to join:

Requirements for appling:
- 1.7+ k/d
- 500+ spm
- 1.0+ w/l
- rank 45+ (colonel)
- mic
- being mature, age doesn't matter as long as you don't as like a little kid
Don't just randomly apply to join if I have no idea who you are. Add me on psn (blackson8008) and ask me for a tryout.

To other clan leaders:

If you are seeking a match or just need to contact me for whatever reason, the best way to do it is through psn (blackson8008) add me and/or message me.

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