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Platoon Presentation

Basically this platoon was created for friends and friends of other friends that have a passion for the Rap/Grime scene to post and share the best shit you've heard on the internet!

This platoon doesn't really have any rules other then no shit talking about any of the members in the platoon, don't over post on the platoon wall and keep it cool and stay active within the platoon. Have respect for other people's taste in music and dont be a bomb and just diss anyone for posting up a song which is irrelevant to this platoon.

What's the difference between Rap/Grime?
For the people that don't know what Grime is and what's the difference between Grime and Rap, the difference between Grime and Rap is Grime is around 140bpm, where as "UK Rap" as you call it is around 90bpm, so Grime is at a much faster rate. Grime is unique to the UK, where as UK hip hop comes from America, where Rap/Hip hop was originated. Grime is more based around hype and violet lyrics (depending on the artist), where as UK Rap/Hip Hop can cover alot of topics.

Smokin' Reggie? That's the SHIT I don't like.
Smoke Real Shit kids..

This Video is Mandatory. Watch it, Or Get the fuck out.

So we gonna smoke our ounce to this, G's up, hoes down, while yall muthafuckaz bounce to this :)
Puff is a lyrical genius :O

^This shit is fucking whack, yo
Hahahaha ^
^Tyler's voice is like sheep'
Get high, keep calm and enjoy the music, Peace ☮!

Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthin' to Fuck Wit.
Know what I'm sayin'? That old real shit.

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