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*The families and personal lives of our Members and Staff will always come first.

*Project Caliber believes in a certain level of maturity, dignity and strong sense of winning as a team in it's gaming, and seeks to recruit individuals who share that belief.

*Chain of Command (CoC): Project Caliber has a Chain of Command (CoC) based on the system used in the military. Members are to notify their direct CoC if they have a problem or a question and not jump over their direct CoC, however open discussion among all members is encouraged. The members of the clan are here to support you and encourage fun and friendly gaming. All orders have to be followed, whether in game, training or in daily duties and are not subject to a discussion. Questions or issues are to be handled via the CoC.

*Members and Staff shall not dishonor the Community by boosting, utilizing glitches, hacks, or cheats (including modified controllers) on the battlefield.

*Above all else, Project Caliber is a family. As such, Members and Staff shall treat each other with the respect we all deserve as human beings.

*Moonlighting is strictly prohibited. Our members cannot play in or for a clan that supports the same games we do.

*Project Caliber neither participates in nor encourages trash talking. We are adults, please speak like one. Our skills and conduct serve as our voice.

*All Project Caliber members must abide by the PCC both on and off the battlefield, including social media sites, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube . You represent the Community at all times. Be respectful and the idea of mutual respect applies.

*Project Caliber requires all of it's members to be at least 21 years of age when they join. If you are younger than 21 years of age we ask for you to wait until you are of age and then you can join. (exceptions will be made on a case by case basis)

*Project Caliber has a member limit for each of it's Battalions for all Divisions at 25 members. (Discussion for a member limit raise will be voted on by Executive Committee)

*Project Caliber requires a small amount of dedication to the community from it’s members. All members are required to attend 1 hour mandatory practices twice a week, but members are encouraged to play with one another outside of practice as well. Optional practices will also be available for those who wish to train more.

**NO DRAMA or BACK STABBING ( You will be Discharged faster than you can say "Discharged" if you are in violation of this)

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