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Platoon Presentation

This is the USA branch of the CQB Squad. To be a member you must also join the Central Parent Platoon, CQB Squad

I think all members need to be fully aware of how the 'matches' feature works on Battlelog.

When a match is set up, both team leaders choose their roster. Once the roster has been chosen the team leaders set their team as ready. Once both teams are set as ready, NO ONE CAN BE ADDED TO THE ROSTER.

This means that if someone contacts a Team leader 1 hour before a match, the chances are it's too late for them to be added to the roster, and they physically won't be able to join in. In the same way, if someone doesn't turn up for a match, unless we have other people pre-set as reinforcements, WE WILL BE DOWN BY 1 MAN.

For the last 2 matches we have not had a full team for the matches. For a Platoon with over 70 members, this is ridiculous! Don't agree to play in a match unless you will deffinatley be available for it, and don't leave it to the last minute to tell us you'll be available. Not only are you wasting your Platoon's time, your also wasting the time of the Platoon we're playing against too.


Any breach of the following rules will result in one mark on the Members record. 3 Breaches in a one month Period, following a warning after each breach will result in the Platoon Member being Kicked from the Platoon. For Platoon Leaders, 3 breaches in a one month period will result in demotion.

Platoon Members who agree to a Platoon Match and are added to the roster must attend said match.

No abusive, racist, or bullying posts on the Platoon wall, or in Xbox Live text, or voice chats.

Check out our Facebook group to keep up to date with Platoon Battles at https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/322911544467856

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