The Legend Forces
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this is The Legend Forces

it stands for fun, tactics. and of course trolling.
We are a young clan. but with talented members. It is a clan for all Nationalities. So please join this clan and wear the tag [TROL] or [TLF] compaction song with pride. We want members that much time in playing batllefield stabbing, but not too much.

members what we prefer.

members who come from the following, we prefer countries.

Bosna i Hercegovina
Poland and Russia.

We are also looking for members with thesis following, supplies

- Players who have a headset.
- Players who like to work in a team.
- Players speak English and / or Dutch

We are a clan That stands for fun, tactics, communications, and of course we trololol

I hope thesis tips providence more member's.
We not like other clans we are Bro's for your team WE ARE NOT NORMAL SOLDIER WE F#CKING TROLL

Soooo shut up and TROLL

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