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Welcome to The Big =E= (Elite Special Forces)!

Est. in 2005 – The Big =E= has a long standing tradition of hosting some of the most welcoming, friendly and enjoyable servers on the BF2, BC2 and BF3 gaming communities.

We are a well-known, international Battlefield gaming group and we take great pride in providing gaming
enthusiasts with a fun, fair and competitive gaming environment on all of our game servers. Our friendly group of =E= Admins
put their duties of monitoring the servers before their desire to play on them; keeping our servers hacker-free,
ensuring that everyone abides by the rules and that =E= becomes a welcoming home for everyone!

If you are interested in joining a mature community of gamers,
go to our website, sign up on the forum and post an application.

Teamspeak 3 Info:

Remember, you're free to join the platoon but if you want to wear the tags you have to apply on our forums!

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