FaF Officers
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Platoon Presentation

FaF Officers: 16 member limit
We are the competitive division of Forward Assault Force, all members belong to our main platoon but have shown battlefield excellence which will represent us against other clans.

Member Requirements:
- 600 SPM (ScorePerMinute)
- 2.0+ K/D (Kills/Deaths)
- Colonel rank (RANK 45+)
- Wear [FaF] clan tag with pride
- Participate in all matches required
- Stick to your assigned ROLE during designated times

FaF clan server (TDM+CQ 200%)

All members will use their Mic and help their buddies!

Wins: 3
Lost: 1

Clan Match Results:

- FaF vs. BZAR (Bazar Community) 12vs12 conquest = 3-0 WIN
- FaF vs. AoW (Alliance of Warriors) 12vs12 conquest = 3-0 WIN
- FaF vs. OWO (One World Order) 12vs12 conquest = 0-3 LOSS
- FaF vs. WNA (West Nation Army) 8vs8 conquest = 2-1 WIN


Friendly Clan:
- [WNA] West Nation Army
- [UKO] United Kingdom Order

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