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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to RAGE Clan.

People applying for this platoon must now make an account on our website (Link at top) and go through our recruitment process. People already in the platoon must make an account with the same name as their PSN Username and leave the application form blank. The Clan will be run entirely from the website now, so it's important everyone is on there, I will however echo everything through to Battlelog for the meantime..

Founder - CJ2041*.
Admins * (Server owners) / Leaders - KewlKidsKlan307*, Saildiver, Tman, ernad29, PeteDrover..

ADMINS READ - You all need to add each other on PSN and make each other admins if you are a server owner!

LEADERS: You are expected to -
*Help fill our servers and keep games busy by inviting other Clan members and Teaming up.
*Help with the general running of the Platoon on battlelog.
*Help Arrange clan matches with other similar leveled Clans from Europe when possible.
*Recruit new members - Whether they are friends or randoms. Please check their suitability, do they have access to battlelog, premium? Speak English, Have a mic? Are they any good?? Etc.. (Age 14+ please!)

MEMBERS: You are expected to -
*Play as regularly as you can (No pressure)
*Help populate our own servers (Go to Server Browser on your PS3 - Search "RAGE"
Our servers are currently numbered #1-4)
*Communicate in English via TEAM VOIP (If you don't have a mic then contribute by listening
and instructing yourself from what we're saying..)
*Play the objective and think tactically!
*Invite friends by giving them an Admin or Leaders PSN name. (Age 14+ please!)

IMPORTANT RULE - Admins, DO NOT change the map rotation of a server that isn't yours without asking the owner first!
As the founder I may change Server names slightly without asking (So they look similar on server browser) but I won't change the map rotation! This rule applies to everyone and you'll lose your privileges if you do not comply.

We are currently playing over our servers and getting to know each other as we are a new clan.
Please add each other on PSN, Battlelog, Enjin Etc.. and Favourite ALL our servers! Then you can always find
other Platoon members and games with us..

We are a casual Platoon currently playing evenings and weekends. Fluent English speaking Europeans welcome! Please invite your friends as we still need to grow! (Link them to the website to apply and check they have battlelog if they want to play BF3/4) Check back here often for event information and news! :)

Good Luck Gaming.

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