MerCenaries Elite
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Platoon Presentation

This is the MerCenaries Elite Scrim Platoon. We Are a Elite Platoon. We Pride Ourselves In Teamwork. Only a Selected Few Are Able To Participate. If You Think You Have What It Takes You Will Have To Join As A MerC Member and Go Through Try-Outs For More Info Contact BobLeeSwagger712, Slayertheplayer , Renta-Kill .

Practice & Clan Battle Dates & Times And Scores Will Be Posted Here

Total Score 17-1
MerC vs TTH - Win 3-0
MerC vs Anzac - Win 3-0
MerC vs Fat Clan- Win-3-1 Plus Bonus Point 1
MerC vs ASF- Win 4-0
MerC vs 102- Win 3-0
MerC vs ATM Sat.20th 6pm Sydney Time Conquest

1.) Must Have Mic

2.) Must Participate In Practices

3.) No Rage Quitting During Clan Battle Or Practice

4.)Only Battle Talk Well In Clan Battle Or Practice

5.)Respect All Squad Leaders (BobLeeSwagger, SlayerThePlayer, Renta-Kill)

Alpha Squad
BobLeeSwagger712 Leader Medic / Recon
Drowzy Support/Medic
LEGO_SCIENCE Medic / Support

Bravo Squad
Renta_Kill Leader Medic/Support
BOWL0__ Support/Medic

Charlie Squad

AirForce Squad
Hippychilli Engineer/Support Air Force

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