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You must read our rules before playing on any of our servers:
A full list of our servers can be found at our home page.

Feel free to visit our Teamspeak 3 server. IP address:

Want to win a copy of BF4? It’s simple:

If you’d like to get in a server but it’s full, ask one of the above leaders nicely.

Applying to join this platoon without actually becoming a member by applying through our website will result in a rejection.

To members,
Please only apply to ONE platoon. The member limit of a platoon is 100 which is the reason why we have multiple platoons.

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    cjmtheaussie ohhk tyvm, egl seem very pro, there all 1 kdr +
    6 years ago
    cjmtheaussie o soz 0.5-1k+
    6 years ago
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  • Defender_AD wrote on the wall for eGL (2):
    Here are the links to our 6 servers, don't forget to add them.
  • Defender_AD wrote on the wall for eGL (2):
    eGL have 5 servers set up and ready to be played on for BF4. Don't forget to add them to your favorites List. If you can't find them look at mine or Dru's profile and add them from there.
  • Defender_AD wrote on the wall for eGL (2):
    eGL has 3 threads on our forum that every member should read if they want a say for BF4
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