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Platoon Presentation

The New Era has begun. Thank you all for staying with EAoW. Anyone who wants to join must go through a tryout as well as a 2 week probation period. This 2 week probation will serve as a proving time in which we can determine if you'll be an active and loyal member of this team. Please join only if you are willing to stay and be a soldier of the Alliance of Warriors Elite . We had members in the past who quit because they could not handle being under someone and someone having more power. The way we see it here, is that your intention to join our clan is to be part of a platoon that consists of good players, clan matches, having friends to play with at all times of the day and the ability to enjoy BF3 just that little bit more. Things will not go unnoticed. That means if you are a members that puts in the time to better this clan and helps out with different duties you will get promoted to a leader position. Our plan is to have somewhere between 25-35 members at the most, but we may go in higher numbers if the players we are adding are truly loyal, honest, humble, respectful, and most importantly team players.

Any questions please email me @
or anarkie14 at

We believe that every player is equal member of the AoW. We fight together and strive for perfection. Our goal is to one day become the best clan in the world. Working as a team and having diverse people is what we want. No matter what your nationality or religion is you are welcome to contact us and become more than just a solo player. Join our clan and you will become a better player, get more points and enjoy the game even more.

We require the following to become a member:
1) Microphone
2) Team Player
3) Loyalty to EAoW,
4) Must change tag name to EAoW..................
5) English speaking perfered (we do not discriminate against non/english speakers -just need to communicate)
6)New Members must add Founder and leader

Please contact The-Raff-83 and Anarkie14 about any questions or suggestions.

If you do wish to join this clan, then please, contact The-Raff-83, AoW_Sergeant97 or Anarkie14 first. We will give you a tryout and if you seem like a player we need we will invite you to the clan. If you are interested in joining as a tanker or jet pilot you will have to have a tryout with only The-Raff-83 or Anarkie14 as they are the tanker/jet top players respectively.

Use this for sharing clan battle times:

Leaders Roles:

Squads & Preferences: anarkie14
Control of server information, The-Raff-83 & Anarkie14
Website/ Technology:--ELITE--Raff-83
Setting up Clan Battle/Clan Matches: --ELITE--Raff-83 & Anarkie14

Upcoming Matches

Date and Time: uncofirmed
Maps: Caspian Border, Damavand Peak, Sharqi Peninsula
Game Modes: Rush
Server: unconfirmed


Allies with:
Kinghts Gaming/ Slient Mercs
EmOrTaL ouTcAsTs
[OIRe] Old Reliables

Alpha Squad : Assault, Engineer, Support, Recon

Bravo Squad : Assault, Engineer, Support, Recon

Charlie Squad : Assault, Engineer, Support, Recon

Delta Squad:ViRuSKiLLz , Engineer, Support, Recon

Air Squad: ViRuSKiLLz, AoW_Sergeant, Anarkie14, Support

Armored Squad: --Elite-Raff-83, Engineer, Engineer, Support

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