Planetside 2 [ZA]
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Platoon Presentation

This platoon is based on the South African Planetside 2 community and players.
General Planetside 2 related news available here.

***List of best bang for buck items:***
- Rocket pods for fighter
- HE cannon for Lighting
- AA missles for fighter
- Skygaurd AA for Lighting
- Dalton + Zepher for Libirator
- Ground lockon rocket launcher(SKEP)
- Another AA burster for MAX
- AP + HE cannons for MBT (optional)
- Bulldog turrets for Sundy.
- One or two guns of your choice after u tried them out on trail.

Play with your fellow South Africans in the ongoing struggle:
TS(EoB's TS say thx :D):

Planetside 2 is a MMOFPS that is FREE to play that launched on the 20th of November 2012.
Planetside 2 is available for FREE download on Steam.
Ideal servers:
EU Miller (FU TR outfit, HpX as TR, TE as NC)
EU Ceres (EoB, Gs, HpX as NC, FU outfit VS)
EU Lithcorp (TE as VS)
*I would recommend Miller, because most outfits play on it.
The majoritory of EU players are Terran Republic and you should be the same soldier!

Game Launch Trailer:

If you know about the game, played it, or want to get into the action, by all means join the platoon! Strength in Unity! Loyalty until death!

Basic training vids (A MUST WATCH):

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